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Before the Store: A Guide to Knowing What’s in Your Grocery Cart

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What readers are saying about our book! 

“Excellent Resource! This book is a must have for consumers interested in purchasing the most healthy and nutritious options available when food shopping. It is informative and has a format which allows for easy reference. Kudos to both authors for this handy book!!!” -Roxanne

“As a mother of 3 young children, I struggle with making the healthiest choices for my family when it comes to food. This book clearly explained why it is so important to understand how your food is grown and taught me to “get to know my farmer”. There are so many helpful tips throughout the book which I really appreciate. Even my husband remembers “4 no more!” I often bring this book with me to the grocery store to remind me when to buy organic or when to buy conventional and which brands are the best. Since reading this book, I joined a CSA and have made small changes to our lifestyle each month, just like the ladies encourage. It is an easy read, unlike a lot of other healthy eating type books. Can’t wait to see what these authors do next!” – Kristine K.

“Easy read and very informative with choices to make on healthy eating. It’s a great guide when looking in the direction for better foods to put in your body!” -Mindy G.

Read Loyola University’s write up on our book here.

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“This book is great for kids of all ages and has a wonderful coloring book at the end!” -Elle G.

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