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Company Name Rating Location Market Area Total Score Egg Rating
“5-egg” rating (2001-2200): “Exemplary”—Beyond Organic
Producers in this top tier manage diverse, small- to medium-scale family farms. They raise their hens in mobile housing on well-managed and ample pasture or in fixed housing with intensively managed rotated pasture. They sell eggs locally or re- gionally under their farm’s brand name, mostly through farmer’s markets, food cooperatives and/or independently owned natural and grocery stores and sometimes through larger chains like Whole Foods. 

Coon Creek
by Coon Creek
5 Mondovi, WI Wisconsin 2160
Kingbird Farm
by Kingbird Farm
5 Berkshire, NY New York State 2160
Krause Farm
by Krause Farm
5 Engadine, Michigan Michigan 2160
Neversink Farm
by Neversink Farm
5 Claryville, NY Upstate New York 2160
Organic Pastures
by Organic Pastures Dairy, Co.
5 Fresno, CA Northern California 2155
Cleary Family Farm
by Cleary Family Farm
5 Plainfield, VT Vermont 2150
Common Good Farm
by Common Good Farm
5 Raymond, Nebraska Nebraska 2150
Green Hills Harvest
by Green Hills Harvest
5 Purdin, MO Columbia, MO and Iowa City, IA 2150
Highfields Farm
by Highfields Farm
5 Vermont 2150
Misty Meadows Farm
by Misty Meadows Farm
5 Everson, WA Washington 2150
Old Friends Farm
by Old Friends Farm
5 Amherst, MA Massachusetts 2150
One Drop Farm
by One Drop Farm
5 Cornville, ME Maine 2150
River Berry Farm
by River Berry Farm
5 Fairfax, VT Vermont 2150
Trout Lake Abbey
by Trout Lake Abbey
5 Trout Lake, WA Washington 2150
Windy Ridge Natural Farms
by Windy Ridge Natural Farms
5 Alfred, NY Upstate New York 2150
Alexandre Kids
by Alexandre EcoDairy
5 Crescent City, CA Northern California 2140
Village Farm
by Village Farm
5 Freedom, ME Maine 2135
Full Circle Dairy
by Burroughs
5 Denair, CA California 2125
Mission Mountain
by Mission Mountain Organic Farm
5 Ronan, MT Montana 2120
PNS Farms
by PNS Farms
5 Miami, FL Florida 2120
Elkhorn Organics
by Elkhorn Organics
5 Prunedale, CA California 2115
First Frost Farm
by First Frost Farm
5 Nibley, Utah Utah 2110
Skagit River Ranch
by Skagit River Ranch
5 Sedro Woolley, WA Washington 2110
World’s Best Eggs
by World’s Best Eggs
5 Eglin, TX Texas (Whole Foods Market), occasionally Southwest and Rocky Mountain region Whole Foods Markets 2110
Mosel Eggs
by Mosel Eggs
5 Page, NE Nebraska 2100
Turtle Ledge Farm
by Turtle Ledge Farm
5 Hampton, CT Connecticut 2100
by Dreamfarm
5 Cross Plains, WI southwest Wisconsin 2095
Vital Farms
by Vital Farms
5 Austin, TX Whole Foods Markets nationwide 2095
Shenandoah Family Farms
by Shenandoah Family Farms
5 Dayton, VA Virginia 2080
St. John Family Farm
by St. John Family Farm
5 Orland, CA Northern California 2070
Keedysville Valley Family Farm (
by Keedysville Valley Family Farm
5 Keedysville, MD Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania 2050
Green Pastures Poultry
by Green Pastures
5 Cashton, WI Wisconsin 2025
Phoenix Egg Farm
by Phoenix Egg Farm
5 Portland, OR Oregon 2025
NY Eggs
by Empire Organics
5 Greene, NY New York State 2020
Schultz Eggs
by Schultz
5 Owatonna, MN Upper Midwest 2015
Whispering Spruce
by Whispering Spruce
5 LaFarge, WI 2015
“4-egg” rating (1801-2000): “Excellent”—Organic Promoting Outdoor Access
Producers in this category provide ample outdoor space and make an effort to encourage their birds to go outside. They provide an excellent outdoor environment, often either rotated pasture or well-managed outdoor runs, with an adequate number of popholes/doors for the chickens to reach the outdoors. 

Milo’s Organic
by Milo’s Poultry Farms
4 Bonduel, WI Wisconsin 1960
Misera Family Farm
by Misera Family Farm
4 Butler, PA Pennsylvania 1890
New Century
by New Century
4 Shullsburg, WI Wisconsin 1890
B Dabler
by B Dabler
4 Greencastle, PA Pennsylvania 1880
“3-egg” rating (1501-1800): “Very Good”—Organic, Complying with Minimum USDA Standards
Brands with a three-egg rating are very good choices. Eggs from brands in this category either come from family-scale farms that provide outdoor runs for their chickens, or from larger-scale farms where meaningful outdoor space is either currently granted or under construction. All producers in this category appear committed to meeting organic standards for minimum outdoor space for laying hens. 

Farmers’ Hen House
by Farmers’ Hen House
3 Kalona, IA Midwest and Southwest 1800
Wilcox Farms
by Wilcox Farms
3 Roy, WA Western U.S. 1765
Green Field Farms
by Green Field Farms Coop
3 Fredericksburg, OH Ohio 1760
by Stiebrs Farms
3 Yelm, WA West 1730
Clover Organic Farms
by Clover Stornetta
3 Petaluma, CA West Coast 1645
Organic Valley
3 LaFarge, WI nationwide 1620
Nature’s Yoke
by Westfield Egg Farm, Inc.
3 New Holland, PA Northeast 1605
Pete & Gerry’s
by Pete & Gerry’s
3 Monroe, NH East Coast 1590
Giving Nature
by Giving Nature Foods
3 Holicong, PA Mid-Atlantic, Northeast 1520
“2-egg” rating (1201-1500): “Fair” —Some Questions Remain Concerning Compliance with Federal Standards
These are either industrial-scale operations or others with outstanding questions or concerns regarding their compliance with USDA regulations. One of the primary features that distinguish these organizations from the ethically challenged brands below is their willingness to share with their customers (and Cornucopia researchers) some of the details as to how their chickens are cared for and how their eggs are actually produced. 

by Sauder Inc.
2 Lititz, PA Mid-Atlantic 1440
The Country Hen
by The Country Hen
2 Hubbardston, MA nationwide 1340
“1-egg” rating (0-1200): “ethically deficient – industrial organics/no meaningful outdoor access and/or none were open enough to participate.”
Brands with a “1-egg” rating are generally produced on industrial-scale egg operations that grant no meaningful outdoor ac- cess. “Outdoor access” on these operations generally means a covered concrete porch that is barely accessible to the chick- ens. Means of egress from the buildings are intentionally small to discourage birds from going outside, and make it possible for only a small percentage of birds to have “access” to the outdoors. No producers in this category were willing to participate in The Cornucopia Institute’s project, and none shared their production practices with Cornucopia researchers. This is disturb- ing to many organic consumers, since transparency has always been viewed as a hallmark of the organic food movement. 

by Cal-Maine
1 Jackson, MS 29 states nationwide 0
by Abbotsford Egg Products
1 0
Born Free
by Born Free Eggs LLC/Radlo Foods
1 Watertown, MA 0
Champoeg Organic Eggs
by WAG Eggs
1 Aurora, OR Oregon 0
Chino Valley Ranchers
by Chino Valley Ranchers
1 Arcadia, CA 30 states, especially in the West, South and Midwest 0
Egg Innovations
by Egg Innovations
1 Port Washington, WI Midwest 0
Eggland’s Best
by Eggland’s Best
1 Jeffersonville, PA nationwide 0
by Eggology
1 Canoga Park, CA 0
Farmer’s Harvest
by CCF Brands
1 Rogers, AR South, Midwest 0
Garden Valley
by Farmer’s Organic Food International
1 Blair, WI 0
Giroux Poultry Farm
by Giroux Poultry Farm
1 Chazy, NY 0
Glaum Egg Ranch
by Glaum Egg Ranch
1 Aptos, CA West Coast 0
Horizon Organic
by White Wave/Dean Foods
1 Broomfield, CO nationwide 0
Judy’s Family Farm
by Petaluma Farms
1 Petaluma, CA West Coast 0
Land O’Lakes
by Land O’Lakes
1 nationwide 0
Nest Fresh Eggs
by Nest Fresh Eggs
1 Denver, CO Western states 0
by Oakdell
1 Lewiston, UT Western states 0
by Sparboe
1 0
Private Label
Private‐label, or store‐brand, eggs rated with one egg are sold by grocers or distributors who have the obvious desire of wanting to grow their presence in the organic marketplace. Unfortunately, there is an inherent limitation in private‐label organic products: organic consumers tend to want to know where their food is coming from and how it is produced, and private‐label products are anonymous by their very nature. Our research indicates that the vast majority of organic eggs for private label brands are produced on industrial farms that house hundreds of thousands of birds and do not grant the birds meaningful outdoor access. 

365 Organic
by Whole Foods
1 Austin, TX nationwide 80
Central Market
by H-E-B Grocery Company
1 San Antonio, TX 0
Full Circle
by Full Circle
1 0
Full Circle
by Topco
1 0
Great Value
by Walmart
1 0
Green Way
by A&P
1 0
Kirkland Signature
by Costco
1 Seattle, WA nationwide 0
Meijer Organics
by Meijer
1 0
Nature’s Place
by Delhaize
1 0
Nature’s Promise
by Giant, Stop ‘n Shop, Ahold USA
1 0
O Organic
by Safeway
1 0
Price Chopper Naturals
by Price Chopper
1 0
Roundy’s Organics
by Roundy’s
1 0
Trader Joe’s
by Trader Joe’s
1 nationwide 0
Wild Harvest
by Supervalu/Shaws
1 0
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