Healthy Baby

Healthy Baby
Healthy Baby

Since, having a baby I have started down the healthy baby journey.

This lead me to try cloth diapers.

I knew that I didn’t want to place my baby in plastic 24/7. Especially, with all of  the chemicals (e.g. bleach, pesticides, plastics) that could be present in the disposable diaper alternative. So, I did my research and found a cloth diaper company highly recommended by a friend, Fuzzibunz. I have been so happy with this brand and I would love to recommend them to the Healthy Farm, Plate, You community!

This page is dedicated to all things cloth diapers. Enjoy!

Cloth Diaper Introduction Video:



Congrats, AJ! (1)


AJ’s review of Fuzzibunz:
“The Fuzzibunz diaper is great . It has snaps which make for many different adjustments depending on your baby’s size. The tericloth insert is very absorbent, however  it is removable & needs to be inserted back after washing. Overall this is a functional re-usable diaper that can be used from newborn to toddler & save you a lot of money.  Happy Diapering!”


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 Healthy Farm Plate You’s Review of Fuzzibunz cloth diapers

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