Month of Meditation- Jennifer’s Journey

Month of Meditation- Jennifer’s Journey

Meditation- Jennifer's Journey

Grabbing the silence amongst the chatter.

During the month of March, my change was to incorporate meditation into my schedule. I found this to be a difficult task. There are so many distractions, responsibilities, demands, and expectations within my daily life which makes it difficult to find a moment of silence to meditate.

So, I decided to start with meditation at bedtime. The first guided meditation I tried was 60 minutes long. I realized that 60 minutes is too long for me. I’m more productive and more likely to follow a bedtime guided meditation if it’s under 45 minutes. I definitely was surprised with how much this meditation really helped me fall sleep and stay asleep.

During the week, I followed meditations on the Headspace app (read our review here). This made it easy to access a session when I only had 10 minutes.

I also found, when I only had a few minutes, I did three simple things. First, I set my timer for five minutes. Second, I put on relaxing music. Third, I laid on the floor to clear my head.

At first, chattering thoughts filled my head, but then calm, peace, and silence replaced the chattering.

Within the silence, I found a deeper connection to myself.

I truly believe that even if I had five minutes a week, I deserved to give myself that five minutes.  After all, I give hours to work, family, friends, and daily responsibilities.



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