A Month of Meditation- Lauren’s Journey

A Month of Meditation- Lauren’s Journey

Meditation- Lauren's Journey

My good friend had been talking about this guy who does guided meditation for a while. Finally, with this month’s change being, The Art of Meditation, I took the step and started to listen to him. His name is Michael Sealey and you can find his videos on youtube and itunes. I started by listening to the Sleep Hypnosis for Deep Confidence (Depression, Anxiety, Insomnia, Self Esteem). I listened to it two nights in a row and fell fast asleep both nights. But, I did wake up with what felt like a slight hangover, aka a little foggy. It didn’t last long though.

For the rest of the month I did Detachment from over-thinking  (for two weeks) and Hypnosis for Letting Go of the Fear of Success (Confidence & Motivation) (for 3 nights). With hypnosis it is a little difficult to know if it is working or not. But, over-all I did feel relaxed and started trusting in my ability to succeed. I started my own business (cue marking plug), Elle V Closet. But, when starting something new it often feels scary and you have a lot of self-doubt, but also I think we have a fear of success. We are scared to let ourselves succeed, maybe we feel like we don’t deserve it or we aren’t good enough. I will take all the tools that I can for ridding myself of those fears and drawing energy to help me be successful. I also, took a BARS class and was certified to be able to practice on others. Bars is a form of meditation that helps you relax, clear out old habits and energy and allows your mind and body to reboot. Read more about it here

I like hypnosis because it is safe and you can just open your eyes at any time and be awake. You don’t have to be scared that you are unable to control your body. It is not like when you see someone on stage and the person performing the hypnosis has to clap his/her hands for you to wake up. You are in complete awareness of your body and that allowed me to feel safe while doing the guided meditation.


I really enjoyed taking the time to do guided meditation. I felt it was useful to listen to another person’s voice and to help me with releasing and becoming a more aware person. I would recommend it and there are plenty of other videos that can help with a particular issue you are trying to overcome. It is just another tool to add to your tool box. I think moving forward I will use the guided meditation when I have addressed an issue that I need to overcome. Also, I will start to help others with Bars and allow them to heal and become more aware.



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