57 Himalayan Salt Cave Locations in the United States

57 Himalayan Salt Cave

Locations in the United States 

Himalayan Salt Cave locations- US

Himalayan salt may seem like a very exotic element coming from caves in far away Pakistan. But, there are over 57 Himalayan Salt Cave locations in the United States (see below for list).  You can read more about the benefits of Himalayan Salt in our post by clicking here.

The art of using Himalayan salt as a therapeutic and medicinal practice has been used for millennia. And many civilizations held salt as a sacred element.  The practice of sitting in a Himalayan Salt Cave is called Halotherapy.

Halotherapy or Dry Salt Therapy is the practice of breathing in “halo” meaning salt vapors  to treat alignments such as;

  • asthma                          

  • chronic bronchitis

  • frequent colds

  • sinus issues

  • allergies including seasonal

  • dust and mold allergies

  • hay fever

  • allergic skin reactions

  • psoriasis

  • dermatitis

  • cystic fibrosis

  • stress

  • fatigue

  • insomnia

  • exhaustion

  • sinus headaches

  • weakness of the immune system

  • rheumatic diseases

  • hypothyroidism

Note: Always consult with your doctor prior to using Himalayan Salt as a treatment.

Halotherapy is 100% natural, safe and drug-free, providing effective long-term relief (resource). It can also, be used for adults and children. It is great for children because this is an alternative medicine that is a natural treatment. If you are interested in checking out a Himalayan Salt Cave for yourself here is a list of 57 caves in the United States.

Himalayan Salt Cave

United States Himalayan Salt Cave Locations (by state):


Glacier Salt Cave– Juneau, AK


Salt– Santa Barbara, CA

The Salt Cave– Bakersfield, CA


Rock Salt Spa– Denver, CO


Santana Cave, Ridgefield, CT

Salt of the Earth– Woodbury, CT


Dead Sea Salt Room– Weston, FL

Kaffees Garden Spa– West Palm Beach, FL

Palm Harbor Oriental Medicine– Palm Harbor, FL

The Pure Salt Room– Ocoee, FL

The Salt Box– Parkland, FL 

The Salt Grotto– Valrico, FL


Johns Creek Spa– Johns Creek, GA

Salt of the Earth Studio– Conyers, Ga

Salt Med Spa– Roswell, GA

Salt Med Spa– Fayetteville, GA

Suwanee Spa Suwanee, GA


Ho’ Ola Spa– Kailua-Kona, HI


Salternative Spa– Geneva, IL

Timeless Day Spa– Naperville, IL


Bluegrass Salt Room– Nicholasville, KY


Salinity– Houma, LA


Bethesda Salt Cave, Bethesda, MD

The Salt Cave– Minneapolis, MN


St. Louis Salt Room– Maplewood, MO


Salt Room LV– Las Vegas, NV

New Hampshire

Bien Soigne– Salem, NH

New Jersey

Halo Wellness Center– Marlton, NJ

New York

AeroSalis- Brooklyn, NY

Breathe Easy Salt Rooms of the Earth– Park Ave. New York, NY

Breathe Easy Salt Rooms of the Earth– 7th Ave. New York, NY

Breathe Easy Salt Rooms of the Earth– Dobbs Ferry, NY

Breathe Easy Salt Rooms of the Earth– Katonah, NY

Ellicottville Salt Cave– Ellicottville, NY

The Salt Sanctuary– Johnson City, NY

North Carolina

Bliss- Asheville, NC

Asheville Salt Cave– Asheville, NC

Haven Medical Spa– Chapel Hill, NC

North Dakota

Salt Cave Wellness Relaxation Center– Bismarck, ND

South Carolina

Breath of Salt Spa– Columbia, SC

The Saltz- Greenville, SC


Zama– Portland, OR


Salt Fx– Harrisburg, PA

The Salt Vault– Parkersburg, PA

Shabath Mineral Wellness– Chambersburg, PA

Simply Health– State College, PA


The Healing Hut– Murfreesboro, TN

Salt Spa Memphis– Memphis, TN

Serenity Salt Cave– Nolensville, TN


Austin Salt Cave– Austin, TX


Breathe Easy Salt Spa– Richmond, VA

Williamsburg Salt Spa– Williamsburg, VA


Salt Mine Arium– Bellevue, WA

West Virginia

The Salt Cave and Spa– White Sulphur Springs, WV

Somatic Wellness– Morgantown, WV


Qi Garden Salt Spa– Stevens Point, WI


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