Detox for a Healthier You

The Art of Detoxing for a Healthier You

The art of detoxing

This month we are focusing on the Art of Detoxing, detox for a healthier you! Sometimes is nice to hit the “restart” button on your body. That’s how we look at detoxing. Follow us this month through our different journeys of detoxing our teeth, hair, from sugar, skin, and indoor environments. We will help provide you with our own experiences, what we’ve researched, and tell you the 7 things everyone should know about detoxing their bodies.

Week 1: Researching the benefits and ways to detox

7 Things Everyone Should Know About Detoxing:

1. What is detoxing- Abstaining or ridding your body of toxic or unhealthy substances.

2. Should I detox while, pregnant or breast-feeding?- We do not recommend detoxing while breast-feeding or pregnant. When detoxing you release toxins into your blood stream that could be passed onto your baby. You could decrease things such as sugar, caffeine, etc. from your diet and buy organic and non-gmo foods/beverages. We will be posting about oil pulling which is great for a teeth detox. I use Morrocco Method for my hair and zen detox for a good hair clay to speed up the detox process.

3. How do I detox?- You eliminate toxins from your body. You can either eliminate harmful chemicals or substances or use certain methods to “pull” the toxins from your body.

4. What are the health benefits of detoxing? It can help boost your energy level, rid your body of excess waste, helps with weight loss, strengthens immune system, improves your skin, hair, and organs, improves breath, anti-aging benefits, to name a few.

5. How often should I detox? Some detoxes are good daily, weekly, monthly, seasonally. For example, water is a great way to detox and should be done daily, oil pulling can be done weekly (or more), hair detox clay mask can be done monthly, and massages can be done seasonally.

6. What will I feel when I’m detoxing? You might experience these normal symptoms of detox; mild headache, nausea, frequent urination or loose stool, irritability, cravings, nausea, fatigue and disrupted sleep pattern.

7. Why should I detox? If you have these symptoms; depression, unable to concentrate, constipation, fatigue, overweight/unable to lose weight, trouble sleeping, unexplained headaches, unexplained soreness/stiffness, skin problems/allergic reactions, sexual dysfunction.

List of Ways to Detox:

Drink water

Take a foot bath

Dry brush your skin


Drink Apple Cider Vinegar

Eat a raw garlic

Oil pulling

Clay mask for your hair

Clay mask for your face

Decrease refined sugars

Reduce stress

Use natural household cleaning products

Use natural beauty products (shampoo/conditioner, toothpaste, lotions, sunscreen, makeup, etc.)

Reduce plastics in your home

Eat fruits and vegetables

Use essential oils

Use a Himalayan Salt Lamp

Drink tea

Eliminate alcohol, caffeine, and cigarettes

Reduce screen time (television, tablets, smartphones)

Increase sleep

Do a chamomile facial steam

Do lemon juice washes for your hair

Use argon oil

Reduce/eliminate processed foods

Use a sauna

Take an epsom salt bath

Get a massage

Eat organic

Use a diffuser


Use a smudge stick

Use a neti pot

Go to a Himalayan Salt Cave (click here for US locations)


Week 2: Purchasing and experimenting with detoxing products

Where to purchase: Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar, Morrocco method (hair detox clay), Home Goods (coconut oil), epsom salt (local grocery store)


Morrocco Method coupon code! Expires 9/07/15

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Week 3: Detoxing

Click here to learn more about the health benefits of Himalayan Salt

Himalayan Salt Health Benefits

Click here to learn 10 Easy, Cheap and Effective ways to Detox Everyday!

Click here to learn the benefits of Tea-toxing


Click here to learn how to detox with a smudge stick

Detoxing with a smudge stick

Click here to learn how to detox your hair

Detoxing your hair

Click here to learn how to Oil Pull


Click here to learn how to use a clay detox mask for your hair

 Click here to read about a Salt Cave in Chicago

salt cave -2

Click here for the Wi Spa in Los Angles

Click here for tips on detoxing from sugar


Click here for the 12 oz. Detox

The 12 oz. detox

Click here for tips on detoxing from head to toe!image

Week 4: Reflecting on change

The Journeys

Jenn’s journey: Decreasing sugar

Jackie’s journey:  Decreasing soda

Lauren’s journey: Detoxing hair, oil pulling, drinking water, and using a Himalayan salt lamp (see graphic above)

Guest posts:

Read about why Kaitlyn loves water by clicking here!


Jackie’s reflection:”This past month I used the detoxing change to help me identify areas in my life that needed a makeover. I chose to detox from the non-nutritive ingredients in Coca Cola. I have slowly weaned off of these toxic chemicals and can honestly say that I feel fresh and cleansed. By focusing on just 1 area this month and not overwhelming myself, my change was a success!”

Jennifer’s reflection: “This month’s change, detoxing from sugar, was the most challenging for me.  I had to really think about ingredients and what exactly was added sugar.  For some reason, I thought there was sugar and then added sugar, buy really organic cane sugar and sugar are added sugars.  The food label states sugar and then the new guidelines should have another column for added sugar, but really this only applies to foods that have natural sugar (dairy, fruits, and vegetables). So, in reality, when a food label lists the sugar amount of a processed food, that’s all added sugar.  So I really need to cut back.  For example, 5 Oreo cookies is the whole day’s worth of sugar!  A scoop of ice cream is more than we are suppose to have in a day.  Lastly, I will only buy organic plain whole milk yogurt and then add my own fruit.  Organic plain whole milk yogurt has 12 grams of sugar were as organic vanilla low fat yogurt has 26 grams.  Take home note…they are not kidding when they say…when the fat is removed, sugar is added!”

Lauren’s reflection: “Wow! I loved this change in my life. It was so nice to tune into my body and pay attention to what it was telling me. Also, I think all the self care really helped me with my ‘moon cycle’. I had less cramps and more energy. I feel like this is really important for everyone to do. Why take a pill? When you can do some of these natural detoxing methods.”


Books and Resources

For more information on how to natural cure a cavity, visit

Herbal Academy of New England’s Herbal Medicine Book List

Sugar information

Anthony Morrocco’s healthy hair ebook

The Happiness Project


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  1. June says:

    I’ve detoxed in the past by limiting sugars, and increasing fruit and vegetable intake with smoothies. This month I would love to read your posts and implement some new ideas. But my focus is a detox from processed foods and sugar, as well as a technology detox.

      • June says:

        Thanks! Yes, drinking water makes so much of a difference :) I’ve limited my technology for the mornings this week and evening for family time and what a difference! :)

        • JG says:

          What are the biggest differences with limiting technology that you have noticed? Have people around you noticed? I try my hardest not to pull my phone out when I am waiting for an appointment or something. It can be pretty eye opening to see how often I grad for my phone or how many other people are just absorbed with them!

          • June says:

            Since limiting my technology I’ve had so many more memorable moments in my day. I know that my husband and daughter notice more. I also have found I care less about social media when I’m turned off, like the curiosity has been more limited. Lastly I’ve noticed that I reach for my phone less, especially on road trips, if my husband drives I was always on my phone. Now we have conversations and I pay attention to scenery.

          • JG says:

            That’s amazing! I notice that too when I don’t have service. I need to cut down on my technology use even when I do have service. I’m going to do no phone after 9pm to start.

  2. Jenni Yost says:

    I detox regularly by drinking tons of herbal and green teas! I love June’s idea of a technology detox, especially when I am around family and friends- tech shouldn’t get in the way of spending time with people you love!

  3. Helen Brennan says:

    All of these things sound wonderful to detox from! I am doing 30 days of no booze and I am going to drink as much herbal tea as I can. I am also exercising daily. I would also like to do the detox for hair, and teeth. Question because I couldn’t find where to click. If I’m breastfeeding what are the best things to do and not do while “detoxing”? Thanks and love this site!

    • JG says:

      We do not recommend detoxing while breast feeding or pregnant. When detoxing you release toxins into your blood stream that could be passed onto your baby. You could decrease things such as sugar, caffeine, etc. from your diet and buy organic and non-gmo foods/beverages. We will be posting about oil pulling which is great for a teeth detox. I use morrocco method for my hair and zen detox for a good hair clay to speed up the detox process.

  4. Jacque says:

    I’ve heard a lot about the benefits of using essential oils to help calm the mind and remove some of the stress from the body. I think this is a great way to start the detox process!

  5. Beth says:

    This is exciting! I am expecting my first baby and I have been trying to eat clean foods, drink extra amounts of water and exercise (mostly walking and yoga) as often as I can. Thanks for the entry :).

    • JG says:

      That’s great! I’m sure your little one appreciates it! We have some great pre-natal yoga videos under the Art of Creating Your Own Space page!

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