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veggiesHealthy Farm, Plate, You, LLC was developed to provide information about changes in our food system, (healthy farm), nutrition education (healthy plate), and inspirational stories to integrate these changes into our lifestyle (healthy you).  Most of us would like to improve our health, in order to prevent illness. I have seen people integrate our healthy tips into their lives, in order to decrease their blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar, risk of heart disease, risk of cancer, and weight.  Others have used these tips to further improve their health to prevent diseases.

Everyone has busy lifestyles, so we are here to help.  This website provides the research, education, and inspiration so you can focus on doing these healthy tips, not researching them.  Small steps, big changes.

Welcome to our site!  Enjoy these posts:

  • Interviews with Inspiring Individuals (learning from others)
  • Workout Wednesday Journeys (ideas for exercise)
  • Healthy Recipes (cook, bake instead of take out)
  • Healthy Baby (tips for the little ones)
  • Product Reviews (products we love)
  • Blog (things we learned along the way)
  • Healthy Tips (healthy tip of the week)

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The Recycle List for Purging Your Household

The Art of Purging Your Household-2

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